About this “project”


What are the objectives?

I hope to create a working operating system inspired by the Copland OS(SE: Lain) based on Linux. However there are some elements I will not being creating on my own, I will start with a compiler, linker, and shell, to build the new system.

Who am I?

A schizophrenic with too much time

What is your personal passion about this project?

After rewatching Lain for the first time in many years a great sense of nostalgia of the early 2000’s net flooded me and I had always obsessed over the tech aspects of the show when I was younger. 

After doing some research I came across a FreeBSD based “LainWD” “OS” and it’s highly likely I will be taking inspiration from that project.



PGP: https://pastebin.com/Genp5ZVb